Metric Century Plan


All this #30daysofbiking foolishness has me feeling like a bad-ass, and I’m starting to think about the metric century I promised myself I’d train for this year.

So, I came up with a training plan.

All I really did was take the old century training plan I ripped out of an old copy of Bicycling magazine, cut out the last three weeks, and interpolated the remaining weeks to keep the weekly increase to a manageable 2 miles per week. Over the next 23 weeks, the “long ride” gradually increases from 16 to 65 miles.

I made a spreadsheet with this plan in it, because once you put something in a spreadsheet, then you know you mean business!

To my eyes, the first few weeks of the plan seem ridiculously easy, and the last few seem ridiculously hard. That probably means it’s right on the money.

4 thoughts on “Metric Century Plan

  1. Good for you! You should definitely meet the metric century goal.

    Honestly, I think this training schedule is total overkill. If you google metric century training plan, a lot of eight-week plans show up, which seems like more than enough time, especially since you’re already riding regularly.

  2. I’m not planning to do an organized ride. I’ll probably just steal the cue sheet from a local one around here and do it on an off day.

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