Short Ride on the Trainer

Woke up this morning feeling like hell. I think I’m catching a cold or something. I did a short ride anyhow.Elapsed Time: 00:25:27
Max Speed: 25.3mph
Average Speed: 15.9mph
Distance: 6.75 miles

While I was getting ready to ride, I got distracted by the TV long enough to get a resting heart rate reading. I don’t have anything to compare it with, so I dunno if it’s a good number or not, but the number is 74bpm.

On the smoking front, I’m still on the wagon, but I’m getting stronger cravings of longer duration than I had the other week. I am confident that Thor will give me the strength to resist.

Update 10:58AM
According to these guys, a RHR of between 60 and 80bpm is acceptable for an ‘untrained’ person.