Some people have expressed concern over the lack of updates this week.Bone is alive and well, and has not fallen victim to Loki, or the Frost Giants!

Sadly, I have very little to report.

I have been unable to get my butt out of bed in time to ride the bike this week. I have been working on another project (not related to biking or smoking), which has been taking up all my time. If all goes well today, I should have something to report later this afternoon.

I have also not been smoking, which makes tommorow afternoon a milestone, as it will be the longest I have gone without a smoke in almost 4 years (my last major effort to quit smoking failed spectacularly on 10/13/2000.)

If Loki is planning any foolishness, he had better do it soon. The sun will soon be in Scorpius, and I will become invincible! 🙂