Equinox Commute


I managed to squeeze my laptop, a change of clothes, and my lunch into a backpack and rode to work on the old Diamondback. I should have more room in the backpack tommorow, since I’m gonna leave my work shoes in my desk. I need to find a better way to carry luggage though.

Today is the Autumnal Equinox, which means I’m going to have to look seriously at lighting systems for my bike if I really want to commute. It’s going to be getting dark out early and staying dark out late.  🙁:-(

To Work:
Elapsed Time: 00:12:04
Max Speed: 28.0mph
Average Speed: 11.5mph
Distance: 2.31 miles

I decided after work to come home via City Island, to see how this whole commute to school thing is going to work…It didn’t go too well. Traffic on the west shore is terrible. It’s pretty much impossible to make a left-hand turn. I think I spent as much time waiting for an opening in traffic as I did pedaling. I will have to look for an alternate route.

From Work:
Elapsed Time: 01:17:26
Max Speed: 25.2mph
Average Speed: 10.2mph
Distance: 13.24 miles
Flicked off: 4 times
Chased by dog: 1 time