A New Route to City Island


I overslept today and ended up driving to work. So I went home at lunch time, got the Lemond together, and rode that back in.

Elapsed Time: 00:9:38
Max Speed: 30.8mph
Average Speed: 13.5mph
Distance: 2.15 milesThe Lemond is a lot faster than my commuter bike, but It’s a lot scarier in traffic. I don’t think I’ll be commuting on it very much.

I’m getting off work at 3:00 today, so I’m going to try a new route to City Island after work. It’ll probably be about 2 miles longer than it needs to be, but with hopefully a lot less traffic.

The Ride Home:
Elapsed Time: 01:03:13
Max Speed: 25.0mph
Average Speed: 9.9mph
Distance: 10.48 miles

The West Shore was designed by monkeys (or railroad lobbyists), I swear to god… I am still seeking a better route, but this one worked out better than last time. I still ended up using my mystical powers to transform into a pedestrian and walk across intersections more than I would have liked to. I think that low average speed is the result of having to push the bike around for about 10 minutes altogether.