Ride Downtown


As part of the quest to find a safe route to Middletown, I made a trek (my first) across the river into downtown Harrisburg. The Capital Greenbelt seemed like a good way to bypass the downtown traffic. My map program doesn’t list the Greenbelt as a routable road, so I needed to find a way so get the locatation of the greenbelt entered into the map program.


My bike is now equipped with GPS navigation. I am the alpha geek!

The black line on the map is what the GPS recorded my location to be. Unfortunately, Delorme’s map doesn’t always line up, that’s why it looks like I was riding my bike through the river, but I really wasn’t.

Elapsed Time: 01:51:46
Max Speed: 30.4mph
Average Speed: 9.7mph
Distance: 18.10 miles


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