Errands in the Rain

I needed to go buy my last box of nicotine patches, and I thought it would be nice to make this historic voyage on my bike. Fortunately, it was pouring down rain, so I got to test out the new fenders I put on the commuter.I figured I might was well make a stop at the bank while I was out. When I pulled into the drive-through at the bank, the lady looked at me like I was nuts. I guess she doesn’t get too many big, gore-tex clad dudes on bicycles. I think she thought I was looking for directions or something. After I took my deposit slips out of a zip-lock baggie, she got the idea.I wore my gore-tex hiking boots in an effort to keep my feet dry. My feet did indeed stay warm and dry, but they kept slipping off the pedals when I changed gears. Very uncool. I’ll have to re-think this. I’ll probaby end up getting bear-trap style pedals.


Elapsed Time: 00:51:29
Max Speed: 24.8mph
Average Speed: 11.2mph
Distance: 9.6 miles