Commute/ Equipment Check


Today, I finally got a real test of the fenders. The roads were wet, but it wasn’t raining. This time, the tires did not fling crusty road slime all over me.

This is also the maiden voyage of my shiny new Carradice bag. It worked out OK. I’d still like it to be a little bit bigger, but it got all my clothes here (but not my laptop or my lunch). Since I also wanted to try out the shower facilities at work, I brought along a towel. Towels take up alot of space in a bag. I think if I get creative with packing, I’ll get it all to fit.

Elapsed Time: 00:26:20
Max Speed: 29.2mph
Average Speed: 12.4mph
Distance: 5.47 miles

I took a slightly longer route to work (not as long as I thought though, I got here 30 minutes early.)
Ride Home:
Elapsed Time: 00:18:40
Max Speed: 18.8mph
Average Speed: 9.0mph
Distance: 2.82 miles

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