To the Goatherders, Many thanks…


I forgot to put on a patch yesterday, so I didn’t bother with one today, either. As a result, I have been nicotine-free for almost 2 days. Normal withdrawl symtoms are present, but fairly minor.

That’s it, I’m now an official non-smoker! Whoopee!

And while I’m at it [ranting incoherently], why are cowboys supposed to be all manly and macho, but shepherds and goatherds are some sort of third-world-joke profession? Herding cows and herding sheep are equally manly (not very).

Cows and sheep are boring, docile creatures. Goats, however, kick ass. They are usually associated with stubborness, satanism, paganism, and ramming people in the butt with thier horns. Obviously, it takes a much manlier-man to herd goats than to herd cows.

Asa-Thor is a goatherd, when he’s not smashing frost-giants over the head with his hammer. There’s not much I can think of that’s more manly than whacking a frost giant upside the head with a hammer!

The Marlboro Man, on the other hand, is lame. He’s not even a proper cowboy. I’ve never even seen him depicted with a cow. He’s always hanging around, leaning on a barn smoking his cigarettes.


As if being a cowboy wasn’t lame enough, this guy is a slacker, poser cowboy.

Serisouly though, In addition to the goatherds, many thanks to all of you reading my web page. The possibility of public humiliation has made it much easier to stay motivated.

Now that we’ve quit smoking, we have a century ride to train for.

Bicycling Summary for week 14:
Real: 25.29 miles
Trainer: 9.91 miles
Total: 35.20 miles