Frozen Commute

I overslept and only did the second loop of my figure 8 route to work.
Brr. 24F outside. With today’s outfit, I think I’d be ok down to the teens. When I got to work and pulled off my jacket, sweat ran out of the sleeves. The only thing that got cold was my head and my feet. I think I might duct tape the ventilation holes on my helmet shut.I have been keeping the battery to my headlight inside my jacket. Today, I turned too far and it unplugged itself and my light went out. It’s pretty hard to fix problems with your light in the dark…I also noticed that about half way here, my water bottle was frozen. That sucked.

I think i’m going to have to start wearing my camelbak underneath my jacket. I can probably keep the headlight battery in there, too.

I heard a guy at a bus stop say “That guy’s nuts.” to another guy. Funny thing was, I was sweating and they were shivering.

Ride In

Elapsed Time: 00:34:39
Max Speed: 19.9mph
Average Speed: 10.3mph
Distance: 5.94 miles

At work

Coworkers asked

  1. “Are you f#$king nuts?”
  2. “What the hell is wrong with you?”
  3. “Are you nuts?”

If one more person asks me, I’ll have an official ‘frequently asked question’ and I’ll have to make a FAQ! 🙂

Ride Home:

Elapsed Time: 00:20:22
Max Speed: 18.6mph
Average Speed: 8.2mph
Distance: 2.79 miles