1st Commute of 2005


Took a slightly shortened version of my figure-8 . I’m really liking the new jacket. The wierd double pit-zips make temperature regulation really easy. I didn’t get too sweaty and it was like 40F today.

Elapsed Time: 00:52:24
Max Speed: 30.1mph
Average Speed: 11.1mph
Distance: 9.72 miles

Ride Home:

Rain! In January!
My new jacket seems to be waterproof..as promised. I also installed my manly-ass “Jaws” Pedals the other day, and now my hiking boots don’t slip off the pedals in the rain like they used to.

Elapsed Time: 00:19:49
Max Speed: 20.9mph
Average Speed: 8.4mph
Distance: 2.76 miles

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