Half way Commute

The weather channel said it was going to be in the mid 30s this morning, so I dressed fairly lightly. A bit too lightly as it turned out. Even with all my pit-zips zipped shut, by the time I hit the half-way mark I was freezing, so I bailed out and went directly to the office. That figure-8 route is very handy.

Ride in:

Elapsed Time: 00:29:22
Max Speed: 29.1mph
Average Speed: 10.6mph
Distance: 5.22 miles

If I’m feeling ambitious, maybe I’ll take the long way home to make up the miles.

Ride home:

I wasn’t feeling ambitious. There’s either something wrong with me or something wrong with my bike, because it felt like pedaling though molasses today; both ways. It’s probably me, I haven’t been sleeping much lately 🙁

Elapsed Time: 00:19:50
Max Speed: 18.2mph
Average Speed: 8.3mph
Distance: 2.76 miles

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