First Snow!

We finally got some snow last night (first snow all year!), and I had the day off for the MLK holiday, so I decided to go for a ride and take some pictures. It was about 21F, so I got all bundled up in my bike-Ninja outfit.


There is a cemetery at the bottom of the hill, where I stopped to adjust my clothing. I never bought proper tights for this, so I just wear leg warmers and biking shorts (under Fleece pants (under goretex windpants)). Anyways, the leg warmers always fall down and you have to get under all your layers to fix them. I’m sure all the people driving by thought there was some crazy person stripping in the graveyard.There is a cool sign on the gate of the graveyard. I thought I had the camera set for 1600×1200, but I only was set for 640×480, so you really can’t read it. 🙁


Here is my trusty old Diamondback leaning on the cemetery gate.


I made my way down to City Island, were I noticed that fenders are not the end-all be-all. I have heard people on the internet talk about needing a mudflap in addition to fenders. Well, they were right. That’s salty sludge on my steel frame!


This is my favorite picture of the day. That’s the Market St. bridge. The river looks pretty high.


I decided to keep going across the river and into downtown Harrisburg. I ended up in front of the capitol building. (It’s the big green dome in the background.


Here’s another shot of the Capitol.


On my way back home, I stopped on the overpass to catch my breath. This is what rt 15 (southbound) looks like on a holiday. If this were my normal morning commute, it’d be bumper to bumper traffic.



Elapsed Time: 01:57:54
Max Speed: 28.6mph
Average Speed: 8.2mph (poking around in the snow is slow)
Distance: 16.13 miles