Brisk Trainer Ride


Since I missed yesterday’s ride, I tried to make it up today. The plan called for 12 brisk miles, meaning “Zone 3 with surges into Zone 4.” I don’t know if I miscalculated my max hr, or if I’m just in really bad shape, but I could barely get my heart to go into zone 3 for a few minutes at a time. I think zone 4 is a myth.In other news, all the Harrisburg area roadies seem to have emerged from hibernation. I went to Holmes to get some tubes, and the parking lot was full! On my way to school Teusday, I passed at least 6 or 7 different spandex-clad gentlemen (and one such gentle-lady) astride carbon fiber steeds, zipping all over downtown Harrisburg.

Elapsed Time: 00:44:21
Max Speed: 25.8mph
Average Speed: 16.2mph
Distance: 12.03 miles

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