Ballsy Commute

Since I can’t ride the trainer except at lunch, and since the plan calls for rides that take more than 1 hour, it looks like I am back to getting my rides in before work. No problem. I had every intention of doing my 10 mile figure 8 commute today. We got a lot of snow last night, but I expected everything to be cleaned up by 5:00.No such luck, some of the roads looked like they hadn’t even been plowed. It is an interesting feeling when your front tire starts sliding sideways at 15mph.

There was a pick-up truck who seemed afraid to pass me, and followed me for about half a mile. He eventually did pass me, but I caught up to him at a red light, and he rolled down his window and stuck out his head. I was expecting the redneck tirade about how I shouldn’t be on the roads, etc. He just said “Man, you got bigger balls than I do,” and he drove off.

Since I was running way early, I took all the side streets and plowed through 8″ of fresh powder. Fresh snow looks pretty cool when you have a white LED blinkie on your bike. It’s all sparkly. When I finally got to work, I rode around exploring the parking garage, and I found a bike rack! Now I have a safe place to park my bike out of the weather! Huzzah!

I also took some pictures, I’ll try to get them posted tonight…I forgot my USB cable.

Elapsed Time: 00:25:37
Max Speed: 20.8mph
Average Speed: 6.0mph
Distance: 2.58 miles

Oh yeah, for all you .mil and .gov people I see in my httpd logs every time I use this word….

That’s 2.58 miles of JIHAD!