Crawl Home

My legs are shot for some reason. I crawled home in some nice weather.
As promised, here are the pictures for todayThis is what Shiremanstown looked like this morning. I think this was the intersection Green and Spruce St.


Here is a shot of my Diamondback, all tricked out for Winter commuting.

I found a bike rack in the parking garage at work!


One of the pain-in-the-butt things about winter commuting is that It’s usually warmer in the afternoon than it is in the morning, so you need room in your bag to store not only your office attire, but also all your spare insulation. This is where the Carradice Longflap is really handy, You can overstuff the bag by quite a lot.


I just though this was an interesting picture. It almost looks like it was retouched with a ‘warp’ effect, but it wasn’t.


Elapsed Time: 00:18:13
Max Speed: 18.9mph
Average Speed: 7.6mph
Distance: 2.31 miles

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