No ride today

I have a cold (or maybe the flu?) . I am home today, so no ride. This is the first time I’ve had a chest cold since I quit smoking. Wierd, when I wake up with a tight chest my brain still says “man, I gotta quit smoking.” It takes a few seconds for “oh yeah, I already did” to follow.Since I’m sitting here all bored and stuff, I think I might try to upgrade the website to the latest version of WordPress. I’m running version 1.2.1, and version 1.5 has been out for a while. WordPress is supposed to have “Dead simple upgrades and installation.”

We’ll see. I wouldn’t be surprised if everything gets all messed up for a while.


The wordpress upgrade was a flaming disaster. was annihilated temporarily. I got everything restored from backup, and I think everything works. We are still at 1.2.1…