Yes, we have no bananas


Ride In:

Just couldn’t seem to get into the groove this morning. We ran out of bananas so I didn’t have anything to eat before the ride. Maybe I started out already bonked. Maybe there are still flu bugs in my legs. Maybe the past two weeks of slacking are starting to catch up to me.

Check out that max speed though! 30mph on studs! Yehaw!

Elapsed Time: 01:00:37
Max Speed: 30.1mph
Average Speed: 9.2mph
Distance: 9.36 miles
Jihad: 2.52 miles

Ride Home:

Instead of dicking around with all the clothes and everything, I just rode home in my business attire. I also left my towel and toiletries in my locker at work. I left my U lock attached to the bike rack at the office. I figure, if anyone steals it, it was worthless anyhow.

Elapsed Time: 00:20:25
Max Speed: 17.8mph
Average Speed: 7.4mph
Distance: 2.52 miles
Jihad: 2.52 miles


Today was the first real ride on the B.72 saddle. It’s like a barcalounger on wheels. It actually makes you want to slow down, take your time, and watch the scenery.

Elapsed Time: 01:21:02
Max Speed: 30.1mph
Average Speed: 8.8mph
Distance: 11.88 miles
Jihad: 5.04 miles