Saturday Ride

Today I didn’t really feeling like riding, but I figured I’d just go around the block to see how the new 1-3/8″ tires felt on the Trek. They felt pretty good. So good, that I ended up going for a pretty long ride. I don’t have much in the way of stats, but I’m estimating it was about 20 miles.I went to City Island and then North along the greenbelt to Vaughn St. Then I turned around and came back.

Somewhere along the way, I lost one of the bolts that holds the front fender on. I think I might replace that one with a zip-tie. I was glad to have the fenders though. A flock of geese seems to have made riverfront park its home, and there was goose poop all over the place.

Since I wasn’t planning to be out very long, I didn’t bother with the padded bike shorts. The new B.17 was surprisingly comfortable without any padding.

I took a few pictures.


I thought this goose looked cool in the sun.

This part is what I needed the bigger tires for. Some of these cement blocks are all cracked up.

A “Welcome to Harrisburg” sign.

The Harrisburg skyline

I didn’t mean for the picture to turn out like this… Write your own joke. Government, ass, etc.

I love my GIS software