Come, mister tally man…

I ran home at lunch time to try to squeeze in a trainer ride. I did something wrong, because after one mile, I was feeling lightheaded and shakey. After 3 miles I felt like I was gonna pass out. So, I got off and got something to eat.I think I need to find the optimum pre-ride food. As I see it there are three variables:

  1. What to eat – Bananas? Powerbars? Beer? Maybe some combination?
  2. How much of it to eat – Just enough not to bonk. There’s no point in eating extra calories just so I can work out. Kind of defeats the purpose
  3. How long before the ride to eat – I want the carbs to start entering my bloodstream just as I start turning the pedals

When I ride in the mornings, this usually works
what = banana
How_long_before_ride=30 minutes

Bananas are a pain in the ass though, because you have to time thier purchase and consumption exactly. They are green in the store, then it takes a day to two before they turn yellow. Then you have a window of maybe 3 days to eat them before they get all gross. They do have the advantages of low cost, and nice bio-degradable packaging.

I wonder how much Jihad there is in having someone ship produce from equador (or wherever bananas are from) to Pennsylvania, so I can ride my bike to save gas.

I don’t know how fuel efficient a banana boat is, nor do I know how many bananas one boat can carry, so maybe there is marginal Jihad, since I can go about 7 miles to a banana.


Elapsed Time: 00:12:50
Max Speed: 19.9mph
Average Speed: 15.4mph
Distance: 3.30 miles