31 Weeks!

Holiday stuff and rain kind of screwed up my weekend rides. I have 2 major exams this week, so I’m not optimisitc. On the bright side, I saw a frog hopping across the road today, so It’s officially spring. School/moving will be over soon, and then there will be no excuses.

I rode 40.64 miles this week, which is better than last week, and better than Klinutus’ 25.21 miles, but still is pretty pathetic.

I commuted to work twice and I rode to the bank once, so that’s about 18 miles worth of Jihad.

The odometer on my car reads 67,271 miles. I’m not sure if this will turn into a useful statistic or not, but I’m going to record it anyway, in case I decide to measure Jihad as a percentage instead of in absolute miles.