Here at, we don’t coddle sissies. Just because your wussy gear broke off is no excuse not to do your ride! Right!? Just because there’s freezing drizzle on the road and a fierce wind blowing is no excuse!Right?!Right!I set out do do the 34 miles I missed yesterday.

I got out there, and fought the icy headwind with no granny gear.

I am berserker! I need no foolish granny gear!

Then the rain started to freeze on me.

I am berserker! I wear these crystals as a badge of honour!

Then, my feet got cold.

I am berser…..berse..
I am farking cold! Screw this.

I cut the ride short and went home. Berserkergang is great for short bursts of insanity, but it doesn’t cut it for endurance events.

I also learned how much I lean on that granny gear. The Cumberland Valley ain’t exactly the Alps, but I caught myself reaching for that gear an awful lot.


After I got home, I did a short trainer ride (5 miles) before calling it quits for the day.

That’s a grand total of 18 miles for today.