Saturday Plan


The plan requires 34 miles tommorow. My sister called today and wanted to go ride the Conewago and Lebanon Valley Rail trails tommorow. She is only good for about 10 miles, and she’s a bit slower than me.

This poses a problem. How do I get 34 miles in without ditching her halfway down the trail?

As it turns out, I live 23 miles from the trailhead. So, I’ll just ride to Elizabethtown (where she lives) then meet up for a 10 miler on the trail, and get a ride back home.

Tada! 33 miles.

Plus, I’ll be all worn out and slow so I’ll probably have trouble keeping up with her!

Here’s the ride to E-town:


Take a look at the island in the river at the bottom of the picture. It’s famous!

Here’s the rail-trail section.