36 Weeks

No, your eyes do not decieve you. This makes 2 weekly summary posts without any intervening ride reports.This week, I rode zero miles, zero of which count toward jihad.

In order to get my ass back in gear, I have allowed my car’s registration, inspection, and emissions stickers all to expire. Actually, I didn’t plan it this way, I just forgot. In any event, it is now illegal to operate my car. I have 2 finals this week, so I’ll be a scofflaw at least twice.

Just in case I’m still tempted to drive tommorow, I have the Trek all set up.


All my biking clothing is in the plastic bag on the floor. All my business clothing is packed in the saddle bag. I have a spare tube, multi-tool, and a powerbar in the handlebar bag.

The headlight battery is fully charged, my SPD shoes are under the bike, and my helmet is strapped to the handebars (my gloves are in the helmet).

This is obviously overkill. My commute is only 6miles long. The idea is to remove any/all excuses ahead of time so either I’ll ride to work, or I’ll feel like a real loser if I don’t.

Next week, I expect to be back on the plan (week 3).