I am now done with finals. That means no more school until at least the end of August. (Yippee!)
Brandi is out of town visiting her sister and new niece, so I have been left alone with the cats.

Not knowing what else to do with my evening, I stopped off at the local bike store and picked up a crank puller, some new chainrings, and a cheap cyclocomputer. They were all out of 28 and 38 tooth rings, so I got a 30 for the granny a 48 for the big one, and I have a 38 middle on back order. When it’s all one, I’ll have 48-38-30, which I think should be close enough for my purposes.

According to Sheldon, this will give me a range of 30.2-93.2 gear-inches.

You can’t turn wrenches on an empty stomach, so I stopped for some Chinese take-out, and went home.

A romantic evening with General Tso and some chainrings:


I didn’t have the slightest idea what I was doing, but I figured it out soon enough. The crank puller is not as mysterious as it looks.

I got everything back together. Now, I’m running 48(round)-44(Biopace)-30(round). A wierd combination to be sure, but the 38 tooth middle should be here in a few days.

The end result:


That’s the biopace 50 and broken 28 on the floor.

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