37 Weeks – Hellspawn

49 miles this week. Not too shabby considering my recent performance.

No news from Klinutus lately, but rumour has it, he and Mrs. Klinutus are engaging in top-secret government cloning experiments. Klinutus 2.0 may break free from the lab any moment now.

In other news I have recently become an Uncle-in-Sin. Brandi’s sister had a daughter. If Brandi and I were married, that would make me an uncle (or an Uncle-in-law?). Since we are ‘living in sin,’ as the puritains used to say, I think that makes me an uncle-in-sin. That has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Finally, a big hell-on-wheels congratz to Jim from Oil is for Sissies. He had a little girl this week.

With all the breeding going on around here, I think I might go buy stock in the Burley Trailer company.

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