I finally put the computer on the Trek. I was supposed to do 8 easy miles as per the plan. I got a bit more mileage in. This turned out to be an interesting ride.On my way through Mechanicsburg, a little basset hound dog (or some such creature) came wandering out into the road. Using my bike-fu skills, I easily avoided running the litte guy over, but a lady in a station wagon nearly clipped him.

She got out of her car and grabbed the dog, and read the tag on his collar. (This is in full rush-hour traffic) She was in a hurry because she was taking some McDonalds food to her son at baseball practice (or something like that). Neither of us were familiar with the neighborhood, so I went into sidewalk-bike-commando mode and spun around the block until I located a guy taking out his trash and got directions from him.

I returned to the lady in the station wagon and we rode to the house where the dog presumably lived.

It all worked out. Dog and owner were re-united. I got some excitement in my bike ride. Sadly, the little boy’s McDonalds food did not survive. In all the rukus, the dog ate most of the french fries.

Elapsed Time: 00:54:35
Max Speed: 35.4mph
Average Speed: 9.6mph
Distance: 8.7 miles