I’m back after slacking for 2 days. The computer on the Trek is reporting strange numbers. Maybe I forgot to reset it after my last ride. It was realistically about 7 miles, because I stopped at the post office on the way in.
The Rivendell candy bar bag makes an ideal mail bag. It fits standard envelopes quite nicely.The bike store called, and said my chainring is in. Maybe I’ll ride over after work and pick it up. That would make up for some of the mileage I missed on Wednesday

Ride home:

I poked around on the way home trying to diagnose a wierd squeaky noise coming from somewhere on the bike. I was worried I had somehow cracked a frame tube, but I think the noise is coming from the saddle or seatpost. The only time the noise goes away is when I stand to pedal. I performed many goofy-looking clown antics to try to figure it out though. I’m sure the rush-hour commuters in Mechanicsburg were amused by the ‘unclip from the pedals and bounce on the saddle with feet in the air’ diagnostic technique.

Elapsed Time: 01:15:29
Max Speed: 22.6mph
Average Speed: 10.3mph
Distance: 13.0 miles


20 miles today

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