Is it tommorow yet?

Like a good little geek, I got my Episode III tickets well in advance. They clearly say that the showing is May 18th at 12:01AM.


As a wite this, at 11:00PM on May 17th, the show should begin in one hour. I just got back from the theater, where I was told that the show will *actually* begin in 25 hours.

Even the web page has the wrong date.


When I was in school, they taught us how the date changes at 12:00:00AM. Maybe that’s not the case in a galaxy far, far away. On Earth, it works like this:

11:59:58 Tuesday   May 17 2005
11:59:59 Tuesday   May 17 2005
12:00:00 Wednesday May 18 2005
12:00:01 Wednesday May 18 2005
12:00:02 Wednesday May 18 2005

Notice when the date change occurs. It occurs at midnight. The fact that some people incorrectly say “So, it really starts late Wednesday night” is irrelevant. Those people are morons.

I can only assume the theater did this intentionally, because they thought it would somehow be less confusing than printing things up correctly. It’s a sad state of affairs when science fiction fans, who are supposed to be well versed in the sciences, can’t even be trusted to understand how time is measured on thier own home planet!

No bloody wonder they went to the stardate system in Star Trek.

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