Carradice Bags are Waterproof

I took a ride around the neighborhood this afternoon. Nothing like the 42 miles the plan called for, but better than nothing. When I got home, Wista, inexplicably, sqatted down and took a pee all over my Carradice Camper that was laying (empty) on the floor.

I’m happy to say the waxed cotton they use is very waterproof (peeproof, at any rate). The weight of the fluid made a little indentation in the canvas and it just made a little puddle. I was able to carry the bag to the bathroom and drain the whole mess off without any spilling or soaking into the interior of the bag. Then, I put the bag under the shower to rinse off any lingering stinkiness. It was under the full-bast shower for about a minute, and the inside stayed dry. Not too shabby.

Elapsed Time: 01:01:41
Max Speed: 36.2mph
Average Speed: 11.7mph
Distance: 12.1 miles

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