Commute – Mechanical Wierdness

Yesterday, when I was about to leave the office, I noticed my rear tire was almost completely flat. So, I pumped it back up and rode home with no problems. It was flat again this morning. So, I pumped it back up and rode in with no problems.

I guess I have a slow leak. Not really surprising, since the tube in there already has two glueless patches on it.

Ride In:

On the way in today, my computer started acting really wierd. It was reporting a wide range of speeds, even though I was moving at a more or less steady rate. I figure either the magnet came loose, or the computer doesn’t like all the humidity we’ve been having lately.

So, no stats for this ride. I took pretty much the same route as I always do, so I’m gonna say 5.8 miles.

Ride Home:

The tire was flat and it stayed flat, so I changed out the tube.
Elapsed Time: 01:09:53
Max Speed: 22.4mph
Average Speed: 11.4mph
Distance: 13.3 miles


19.1 miles. 2.1 more than I needed! Woo!

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