47 Weeks


This whole counting-of-the-weeks thing is getting lame, I think. I’ll keep it up until I hit 52 weeks since I had a smoke, then I’ll do some big whoop-de-doo dance.

In the meanwhile, I’ll have to try to think of something more interesting to blog about.

Since I have looked over my vacation photos, and have seen my shirtless self on the beach, it appears (though I’ll not show you) that I have developed a strange bicycler-body. I have fairly muscular legs, while the top of me looks like a partially deflated water balloon.

This simply will not do. So, I’ve been thinking about adding some weight training to my routine. My inner geek started thinking about ways to catalog weight lifting workouts the way I do bike rides. This lead me to speculate about some grand-ultimate XML schema to describe workouts.

Maybe something like this:


Now, the problem is, that I know of no exercise-logger type of application that works under Linux, so, I’ll probably have to write one. The only problem is that I’m a pretty bad programmer. No matter. I can learn.

So, now the question remains: what language to write it in? I thought about Java, because I can use java-gnome so make nice gtk+ guis.

Then, I thought about doing it in C# and running it under Mono, since many of the cool new gnome apps are being written that way.

Right now, I’m thinking of doing it in Python, since I know absolutely nothing about Python.

In any event, I’ll probably lose interest in this project long before I ever write a line of code, but thinking about it has so far kept me busy enough to avoid actually *doing* any exercise at all

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