14 Miles

Today, I rode the same route as I did on Monday.

Assuming the following worst case scenario, (which is, of course, what my lazy ass would have done if I had brought the car), it adds up to a lot of Jihad.

  1. Home -> Work (6) Morning commute
  2. Work -> Home (6) Home for lunch
  3. Home -> Work (6) back to work
  4. Work -> Home (6) evening commute
  5. Home -> Gym (7)
  6. Gym -> Home (7)

So, today’s ride was 14 miles total, but about 38 miles of Jihad!

Even more exciting, as the fact that I made it all the way up the BigNastyEvilHill without getting off the bike to push. I haven’t been able to do that in quite a while, and I did it after a leg workout.

Unfortunately, my legs are now so stiff, I think I will have to spend the night in the basement, because I cannot climb the stairs.

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