I’ve been using RedHat Linux since version 6.0. Before that, I used Slack ever since college(circa 1995).

I’ve recently been reconsidering my position on mono, and thought I’d install it and fiddle around a bit.

I have been having trouble all day trying to get a yum repository working for mono under Fedora Core 4. Apparently, Redhat has drawn some sort of line in the sand about Mono’s evilness.

Well, I’m not going to piss around downloading naked RPMs and chasing depenency loops into the wee hours of the night. I have done that many times in the past, and I’m getting too old for such foolishness.

So, I’m going to give Ubuntu a try, and see how it works out.


It looks like I’m going to be chasing dependency loops all night either way.
This sucks

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