A Ride Report!

I am now back from my adventures in Pittsburgh (I’ll post some pics of that later). The weather today was really nice, and since I hadn’t been on the bike in a week, I decided to head out in search of fortune and glory.I rode down through Mechanicsburg, and ended up on City Island, which was full of other people enjoying the weather.

The Market St. Bridge

I took these pictures of the bridge, and of the city while I was catching my breath.

Our fair city

I was feeling pretty good, so I headed across the river and onto the green belt.

There are lots of wierd sculptures in riverfront park.


I started to run low on water and high on bladder, so I headed back to City Island, to..uh.. exchange fluids. Then I headed home.

In Lemoyne, I came across signs for the great and mysterious Bicycle Route J. It appears to be part of the bikepa system, but it does not appear anywhere on their web page.

It’s called a bike route, but it’s mainly just the shoulders of major highways.

Bicycle Route J

My cyclo-computer started acting up (again), so I don’t have good stats for this ride. I’m guessing about 30 miles.