Happy Birthday, Cringer!

When Brandi and I found Cringer, he was living under a pile of carboard boxes waiting to be recycled. This pile was right next door to a massive construction site.

When we took him to the vet, they found chemical burns in his throat and on all four paws. Apparently, he had gotten into some of the chemicals being used on the site. The other thing the vet told us is that he was about 8 weeks old. That would make today his first birthday. (It will be very easy to remember, because it’s exactly 2 months before MY birthday).

His paws and throat have since healed, though he still can’t meow as loud as Wista, though he does try. Check out his attempt at a roar.
Cringer Roars

Wista doesn’t enjoy having her nap interrupted.

Wista is pissed

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