Jersey vs. T-Shirt

A few months ago, I got a bunch of bright yellow cotton T-shirts at walmart for a couple of bucks, and those have been my biycling shirts for the summer.Those of you who know me in real life know that I am about 9 feet tall, and built like a wookiee. Since most of the hard-core bicyling market is made up of guys who are about half my size, I have a hard time finding bicyling-specific clothing that fits. A few weeks ago, I came across a company called Mt. Borah, who actually carry a line of sasquatch-sized bike duds.

So, I ponied up the cash for thier Micro Jersey, and a pair of baggy shorts (nobody wants to see my butt in spandex, I assure you.).

Bike Jersey
Baggy Shorts

Anyways, I took the new outfit out for a short (15 mile) ride yesterday, and I was impressed. The jersey lets a lot of wind blow through, which evaporates the sweat almost as fast as I can produce it. Very nice. The shorts are pretty much the same story.

My cotton T-shirt normally would get all soggy and soaked eventually, which is pretty gross.

Overall, I think the jersey looks pretty dorky style-wise, but the added functionality is definately worth it.

After all, stylishness is just a measure of the extent to which one’s mind is controlled by advertising.

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