Groceries (Pimping for Presents)

I had just thrown a leg over the Trek for today’s afternoon commute, when my cell phone rang. Brandi wanted me to get a few things at the store. No problem. I had a pretty small load in the Camper today, anyhow, so I stopped off at the grocery store. I got a few wierd looks from the other shoppers, since I was walking around in my cleats and jersey.Anyhow, I got everything (about 20 pounds of stuff) crammed into the Camper and made my way home. The bike felt really wierd with that much weight up so high. Very topheavy. Since I got my rack, I think it’s time for some panniers.

Now, there’s only a little over a month until my birthday, so it would be imprudent to actually go and buy something right now. In case you need some gift ideas (in addition to the stuff on my Amazon List :-)), the Carradice Bike Bureau looks very snazzy. It would make a very nice way to get my laptop and cubical-drone regalia into the office.
Carradice Bike Bureau
Sadly, it looks like the place that needs the business the most (Wallingford) is in a bit of a jam, being located in New Orleans. Maybe Sheldon has one.

For grocery hauling duty, the Arkel Utility Basket looks like it would do the trick.
Arkel Utility Basket

Of the two, the Utility Basket is probably the more useful, and the cheaper.
Of course, it would be easier to balance on the bike if I had both 🙂