Goat Race Redux

I have returned from the 27th annual Falmouth Goat Races. Here are a few pictures.Alien Abduction Goat
This “alien abduction” themed goat won “best dressed” honors.

Goat-Drawn Chariot
I thought this goat-drawn chariot was pretty cool. Thor was smiling down on this girl and her goat.

A boy and his goat.
This little boy’s goat was not very interested in racing.

The Running of the Goats!
Here is the obligatory action shot of some actual racing.

A butterly thought my sister’s purse was good camouflage. If you look at the bigger version of this pic, the color match is more evident.

Some of the proceeds of today’s festivities went to help goat farmers in Louisianna. I thought that was pretty nice.