Cold Comfort for Change


I took my Diamondback winter bike out for a ride the other day. It sucked. The whole idea of an upright “comfort” bike isn’t all that comfortable anymore. It just feels clunky and slow.

It’s going to be winter soon, and this will be my bike, so I’d rather it didn’t suck.

After seeing Stacey’s latest
project, I decided to roadie-ize the old bike. I had a pair of drop-bars in the basement (the original ones that came with the Trek). I wasn’t sure about the funky stem that came with the DB. It’s a threaded steerer, but it has a cap on the end like a threadless one.

Diamondback Wildwood with Drop Bars

It looks like this will work, but now I need new brake levers and shifters. This bike has v-brakes, and I don’t think it’ll be possible to use regular cantilevers, so I ordered a pair of Dia-Compe 287v levers.

I still need some bar-end shifters and some cabling. I’ll probably go to the LBS for that stuff.