Scopes Monkey II

Here we go again

I don’t really like to talk about political stuff on my blog, but this horseshit has landed in my backyard, and I can’t take it anymore.

The theory, as I understand it, is this:

“The universe is so complicated, that it must have been designed by an intelligent being.”

In order for this to be an assertion of science, I think we need some stuff:

  1. An objective way to measure the complexity of things
  2. X = “An objective measure of the complexity of the Universe “
  3. Y = “A measure of complexity such that things less complicated than Y can be accounted for by natural processes. “

If we had all those things, we could do an experiment. If X is greater than Y, the intelligent design theory is correct.

Otherwise, your theory is crap. Sit down, shut up, and leave the science to the scientists.