Operation Junkheap v. 0.1

I got a tiny bit more work done on the winter bike today.Operation Junkheap v0.1

I got the shifter pods installed on the handlebars. The only bar-end shifters the LBS has were Dura-Ace 9 speed (fancy pants) ones. More than I needed for this bike, (it’s only a 7-speed, and I want to use friction shifting) but it’ll do.

This bike has wierd cabling arrangements, so I need to go back for more deraileur cable housing. No matter, I’m still waiting for the brake levers, anyways.

I’m trying to justify the expense of those shifters in my head, so I’m thinking that come springtime, I’ll swap out the frame for a Karate Monkey. Then I’ll have a bad-ass mountain bike with Dura-Ace bar-ends. This plan also makes it easy to justify overspending on other parts, too :-)