September Commute Stats

I am resurrecting my old ‘Jihad’ method of measuring bicycling. I have a different formula this time.

When I get to the office, I write a big “c” on my wall calendar if I rode my bike to work that day. If I have an appointment or something that makes it impossible to ride to work, that day gets an “X”. Weekends also get an “X.”

So, if we take the total number of days in the month, (we’ll call that T) and subtract the number of X (eXcused), we get the total number of days is was possible to commute (P).

Now, if we divide the number of days I actually commuted by P, we’ll get the Jihad ratio (J).

So, for September:

I rode my bike to work 9 times. C = 9
I was unable to ride 13 days. X =13
September is 30 days long. T = 30
30-13=17. P=17

C/P = 9/17 = 0.529411765

J = 0.529411765

So, I acheived about 53% of my potential for Jihad in September.
That’s pretty piss-poor. I will try for a better number in October.

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