Mountain Biking!


My crazy frankenstein hybrid bike took it’s first real ride today. I hadn’t been mountain biking for years, and I forgot how rough it is.

We did about 15 miles around Blue Marsh Lake, and I am exhausted. The bike did better than I expected. I was in the drops most of the time, and my triceps are blown apart from having to act as suspension.

We took lots of breaks, and so I took a few pictures:

Here is the bike next to big bales of hay.

Giant Bales of Hay

We stopped for a break. There were big log benches.

Logs to sit on

Here are our bikes at a scenic spot for a break.

Our Trusy Steeds

See, isn’t it scenic?

Some scenery

We had to cross the road in a few places. This memorial thing was along the road. As I backed up to get the picture, a truck almost took me out.

Something bad happened here

Somewhere along the route, my cyclocomputer must have abandoned ship. It won’t be missed.

A wooden Bridge over the swamp

More scenery.

More Scenery

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