Sprawl – Huh! Good God Y-all

It was nice outside again today, so I decided to go exploring.

I found some embryonic sprawl.


A few miles later, I found some more – larval, I’d say


By springtime, people will have moved into these houses, and started bitching about how the country farm roads are too small for their SUVs.

At long last, I was out of the sprawl!
Scenes like this are pretty much the whole point of these rides.
Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful - quit building shit all over the place

It looks like the Libertarians are out in force for the election this year. There were signs like this one all over the place. They will make excellent bicycle fenders.

Give me Liberty or something of equal or lesser value from your glossy catalogue

In theory, I agree with most of what these guys stand for. In practice, however, they are completely bat-shit insane.

My Route

Overall, it was about 23 miles. This is the longest ride I’ve done in a while. I feel good. My face is windburned and my legs feel heavy. I’ll sleep like a log tonight.

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