Stank-Ass Bicycle Commuting

I have been pretty lax in my commuting lately. It’s pretty much my general inability to get out of bed on time that keeps me in the car.

The time differential between driving to work and cycling isn’t all that much, it’s the overhead that’s a killer.

  1. get up
  2. put on my bike costume
  3. pedal to work
  4. shower
  5. Put on corporate costume
  6. work
  7. change back into bicycle costume
  8. pedal home
  9. Pack corporate costume in saddlebag for the next day

That’s a lot of extra work.
I think that since it’s cooler out in the mornings now, I’m going to just put on my office outfit at home, ride in (perhaps a bit more gingerly than normal) and if I stink up the place – so be it.

To that end, I’ve put regular non-clipless pedals on the Trek. I love my SPDs, but it’s just too much of a pain in the ass keeping track of all my shoes. I need my SPDs for bicycling, brown corporate office shoes for work, and sneakers for at the gym. I look like a traveling shoe salesman half the time. If I could find a comfortable brown sneakerish thing that I can do everything in, I would be set.

Update 10-31-2005:

Those pedals suck. I made it about 20 feet and turned around. I’m going to switch out the BMX pedals on the diamondback tommorow.