God Save the Queen

Lots of good stuff comes from the UK. I’ve already gone on and on about Brooks saddles, but two more pieces of British awesomeness came to me in the past 24 hours:

1: Bike Bag

I got my Carradice Bike Bureau last night. The design is brilliant! It switches from pannier to laptop bag (and back) in about 10 seconds. I’ll get some pictures soon.

I didn’t manage to commute today (pedal issues), but I took the laptop in the Carradice anyhow. It would kick ass even if it didn’t clip onto a bicycle.

2: LugRadio Season 3

In other news, LugRadio Season 3 Episode 1 is out. You can listen in MP3 or Ogg Vorbis*.

If you like to hear a bunch of dorks talk about Linux and call each other wankers, Lugradio is the ticket.

*Bike nerds, Vorbis is to mp3 as Campagnolo is to Shimano. Vorbis is a more elegant design and you get all the street cred for using it.

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