Two Flats and a Long Walk

About 2 miles into my commute this morning, I was riding along, and I noticed a line of cars piling up behind me, and being the nice guy that I am, I pulled over and rode in the shoulder for a bit to let them pass.

I got a flat. No biggie. I carry a spare tube and a pump. A fellow commuter even rode up and offered to help. I ran my finger around the inside of the tire to feel for pointy things. I didn’t find any.

I put in the spare tube, pumped her up, and resigned myself to being a few minutes late for work.

About a mile later, I got another flat. Now I have no more tubes, and I’m going to be seriously late for work, and I’m exactly half way between home and work. This sucks. (I was in no mood to fool around with patches at this point. )

So, I pushed my bike, with a flat tire and a heavyish rear pannier (on one side) 3 miles back to the house through morning rush hour.

Fun… Got to work only one hour late.

I’m pretty sure my rear tire is toast, so the Trek is out of commission for a while.

If anyone knows where I can get a kevlar-belted 27×1-3/8″ tire, please leave a comment. I’ll go down to 1-1/4″ if I have to, but I’d rather not. I’m debating having 700c wheels built up for the Trek. I’m not too sure is that will work well with the cantilever brakes though. It would be bad-ass if I could run studs on it this winter.

To all you people in cars: I will never, ever again ride in the shoulder for you. Sorry. No, blowing the horn won’t make any difference. Oh yes, I can.

To the nice gentleman who offered me a tube (even though I had my own) thank you.

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