Democracy Inaction


Anakin… My allegiance is to the republic, to democracy!
– Obi Wan Kenobi, Episode III

Like a proper citizen of the Republic, I went off to the polls today. Almost every office was uncontested. No Greens, no Libertarians, and almost no Democrats were on the ballot.

I also got to meet the Township Commissioner. She seemed to be a nice lady. I was tempted asked her if she thought our ordinance against blasphemy was in violation of the constitutional separation between church and state. I decided that this wasn’t really an appropriate venue for troublemaking.

She was distributing propaganda touting her “constituant accessibility,” so maybe I’ll write her an email about it.

Update – 11-09-2005

The people in Dover voted out 8 of the 9 school board members responsible for the ‘intelligent design’ fiasco! w00t!