Redundancy is Good.

The last time I tried to commute to work, bad things happened. I got two flat tires, had to push my bike 3 miles, and ended up ruining the tire on the Trek. This weekend, while waiting for (kevlar plated) replacement tires, I took the Diamonback out for two rides. I kind of forgot how nice the diamondback can be, and so I thought I would commute on it, until the Trek’s new rubber gets here from Wallingford.Sadly, the only 26″ tires I have are my studded winter tires, and the knobby mofo’s I got for my mountain biking expedition.

So, I stopped by the LBS after work today, and picked up some new, armor plated slicks for the Diamondback.

This time, shit’s gonna be different!
2 pumps, 2 tubes, 2 tire levers, and two patch kits

That’s two tubes (from different vendors), two patch kits (one glueless, one not), two tire levers, a pump, and a CO2 inflator.

I think I have the flat-tire thing under control at this point. Now if I can just manage to get out of bed on time, I’ll be all set.